5 Top Recipes You Should Make With Your Kids

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen will be easy with these kid-friendly recipes.
Getting the kids involved in the kitchen will be easy with these kid-friendly recipes.

My kids love helping in the kitchen. They love watching what goes on on the hob and they love sitting on the floor watching things bake in the oven. They are fascinated by everything that goes on in there so it makes sense to include them in the cooking and baking processes.


Benefits of cooking with kids

Cooking and baking are activities they have been involved in from a young age. There are so many benefits to having kids help out in the kitchen, here are a few;

  • Fun, free rainy day activity.
  • Quality time and bonding with your kids.
  • Develops early independence of kitchen skills.
  • Helps develop motor skills (gross and fine).
  • Increases the chance they will eat something if they have seen how it’s been made.

This post follows on nicely from my no-spend weekend itinerary, where cooking with kids featured as a free activity. Here’s the link if you missed that post, or you can pin it to read later.

Top recipes

Let’s look at some great recipes to get the kids involved in the kitchen. These are my top 5 but I’m sure if you look at what you cook and bake during the week, you’ll find loads more child-friendly components of recipes that can get you kids involved with.

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Chicken nuggets

I’ll be honest and say I’d never thought of making chicken nuggets from scratch. I thought it’d be a huge faff (have you ever tried the flour/egg/breadcrumbs combo that only ends up in a huge sticky mess?!) But then I found this Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes (Quick & Easy) Annabel Karmel book which includes a quick chicken nuggets recipe and it’s been a big hit in our household.


Instead of the flour/egg/breadcrumbs method to create the crunchy coating, she uses pesto and cornflakes. Sooooo much easier.

No egg. No sticky mess. No frustration. Simple, easy and very yummy.

Why it’s good for kids

  • What child doesn’t love banging and making a noise??
  • Put the cornflakes into a (sealed!!!) bag and let your little one bash at it with a rolling pin or wooden spoon.
  • Bashing the cornflakes keeps them entertained while you chop up the chicken.
  • They can also help you coat the chicken in the cornflake crumbs (after you’ve put the chicken into the bag for them).

I highly recommend purchasing this book (you can click on this link – Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes (Quick & Easy) or the picture above. Please note these are affiliate links). It has so many yummy recipes for kids and they’re all super quick to make. That’s music to the ears of any busy mum!

I initially borrowed the book from the library but went on to purchase it after trying so many of the recipes. If you’re not ready to make a purchase just yet, you can find the recipe here.



What better smell is there than the smell of freshly baked bread?? And nothing beats the taste of bread that’s still warm from the oven. Mmmmm. My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it!

We make a lot of bread in our home. There’s just something so satisfying about baking it yourself. Plus you have total control of how much salt goes in. (Did you know store bought bread has a shocking amount of salt in it?!)

Use the dough setting

We do cheat a little bit with this I have to admit. Doing the whole process by hand beginning to end is verrrrrry time consuming. And no kid has the patience to sit and wait for the dough to rise before shaping and baking it. So what we do is use our bread maker BUT put it on the dough setting. That way you still get the satisfying part of shaping it and watching it rise in the oven as it bakes. And you get to skip over the boring kneading and rising parts.

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Why it’s good for kids

  • Dough is sticky and kids love anything sticky with the potential for mess!
  • They can help weigh out the ingredients and pour them into the bread maker.
  • They will be captivated watching the bread rise in the oven (seriously that’s a good half hour entertainment right there!)
  • The best bit is they will love love love getting to eat it after being involved in the baking process.

You can use any bread recipe you like. Here’s a good starting point. (This is a Paul Hollywood recipe and he uses a ridiculous amount of salt, but I’ve found exactly the same results with only a fraction of that amount so don’t be afraid to be stingy with the salt!) We’ve concocted our own recipe with a bit (actually a LOT) of trial and error over time. Have fun with it!



Following on from bread quite nicely is pizza. What child doesn’t love pizza? In fact, what adult doesn’t love pizza?! But takeaway (or even store bought) pizza can get expensive when there are multiple mouths to feed.

Instead, make an activity out of making the pizza from scratch. It’s healthier (you control how much salt and sugar goes in there, plus NO additives needed!) And it’s so much cheaper to make. Plus the kids will LOVE creating their own personal masterpieces for dinner.

You can get totally creative with the toppings, which is great if you’ve got a toddler going through a fussy phase. (Yup, we’re at that delightful stage right now! But pizza is ALWAYS a hit.)

Why it’s good for kids

  • They can help roll out the dough.
  • Sprinkling on the grated cheese is fun (plus they can eat the leftovers and cheese always tastes best when it’s grated, yum!)
  • They can have fun creating funny faces or patterns with their toppings, anything goes.

Time-saving tip

We use our bread maker on the dough setting to make the base for the pizza. Then all you have to do is roll it out and put the toppings on. Easy!

Again, like with the bread, you can use any pizza dough recipe. We’ve perfected ours with trial and error over the years. Here’s a good starting point.


Carrot cake

Onto the baking. If you’re not feeling comfortable enough yet to let the kids in on the savoury action, then baking is the perfect place to start.

Carrot cake is one of the easiest things to make with kids. They can help with pretty much every stage of the process which makes them feel so involved. My kids love it. And I love eating it!

Why it’s good for kids

  • Carrot cake recipes use oil instead of butter so no creaming process needed, it’s literally just a case of mixing it all together in a bowl.
  • They can help spoon the mixture into cupcake cases which is more fun than a big tin.
  • The word ‘cake’ instantly gets their attention, so they’ll be excited to help because they know the result will be good!
  • Using a ‘cups’ recipe (instead of grams/ounces) encourages independence in the baking process giving a bigger sense of achievement for your child.

My favourite recipe is this Anna Olsen one. The recipe is for one big cake but I split it into approx 12 cupcake cases making mini treats to be enjoyed.


Chocolate chip cookies

You can get totally creative with whatever type of cookies you like. And, again, if you’re not ready to involve the kids with preparing main meals then these are a great starting point.

My 3 year old loves delicately positioning the chocolate chips on top of the cookies and watching as they melt in the oven.

Why it’s good for kids

  • Cookies have minimal ingredients so they’re a very simple starting point for introducing kids to baking.
  • It’s a very simple process of mixing the ingredients together (no creaming required) and spooning out the mixture.
  • They can enjoy placing the chocolate chips (or whatever you choose) on the top.
  • Watching as the cookies bake and the chocolate melt is fascinating for them.

There are so many recipes to choose from but we’ve found the cookie recipe in The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook is our favourite.


If you don’t already have The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook it’s a good one for serious bakers. The recipes are generally a bit more complicated but are totally worth the extra effort. The brownies especially are absolutely delicious!!



So those are my top recipes you should make with your kids (plus a couple of recipe book recommendations).

What else would you add to this list?

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6 thoughts on “5 Top Recipes You Should Make With Your Kids

  1. I use to help my grandma bake in the kitchen, back in the day. You know back in the day when we ate raw egg yolk in the batter. Anyways, they are very fond memories and I think it is very important to include your children in on the mix. Great post!

  2. My son loves making chocolate chip cookies! Especially the part where he gets to eat them 🙂 I used to make bread with my mom when I was young. I should do that with my son. I bet he’d enjoy it!

  3. My mom used to make pizza with my sister and I when we were growing up so when I saw that on this list, the little kid in me got so excited! I love that you have this because these are great dishes to make which will get kids get so excited to be in the kitchen!

    Danielle | FollowMyGut.com <3

    1. Thanks for your comment Danielle! Pizza is so much fun to make, I hope you have as much fun making it as an adult as you did as a kid. 🙂

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