3 Golden Rules for Saving Money when Shopping Online

3 golden rules for shopping online, always get the best deal you can. Shopping | Online | Golden Rules | Save Money | Deals | Bargains | How To | Top Tips |  Cash Back | Discount |
Follow these 3 golden rules and you’ll save money every time you shop.

Do you love the convenience of shopping online? Me too! I love that I can shop while my baby naps and have the postman deliver it. Hassle free shopping without dragging the kids around with me is fab!

And if you’re not out in the shops, you’re less likely to pick up unnecessary extras that you really don’t need which will save you money, right? Well, not quite. Online retailers are definitely jumping on the bandwagon with tempting you to add purchases to your basket that you don’t need (or weren’t planning). And they’re also very good at knowing which techniques to use to urge you into making that purchase before you check elsewhere and do your research.

There are very easy techniques you can apply every time you shop online to make sure you’re getting the best deal, saving the most amount of money and using these online retailers’ techniques to your advantage.


Follow these 3 golden rules every time you shop online

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How To Save 8K in One Year On One Income

Need to boost your savings? This easy 3-step plan will help you do just that. Savings | Boost | Increase | Guide | How To | Tips | Save Money | Frugal Living
Easily give your savings a boost with this 3-step plan.

Do you struggle to have any kind of savings? Do you find yourself getting to the end of each month with nothing to spare and are living paycheck to paycheck? Would you like to change that?

In this post, I’m going to share with you my 3 step process for building up your savings even if you’re a single income family (like us!). I’m going to be asking you a LOT of questions to get you to take a good look at how you handle your finances. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in… Continue reading “How To Save 8K in One Year On One Income”

How To Save Money On Baby Wipes (Cheeky Wipes Review)

Spending a fortune on baby wipes? This one switch will save you big bucks. Baby Wipes | Washable Wipes | Save Money | How To Save | Baby | Kids | Frugal Living
Make mega savings with this one simple switch.

If you’re a mum with small children in nappies then baby wipes are likely a regular feature in your weekly shop. You probably have packets of them all over the house (or  maybe even boxes!). And you go through those packets at an alarming rate.

The cost soon adds up!

One packet of baby wipes doesn’t cost a lot. BUT when you’re going through several packets a week, the cost rapidly escalates. I actually worked out that over the course of a year I would spend over £120 on wipes! That’s with me buying them during baby events when they’re on offer. If I didn’t do that it would easily cost me over £200 a year!!

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3 Mistakes You’re Making At The Supermarket (and how to fix them)

Are you making these 3 mistakes at the supermarket? Find out how to fix them and start saving money on your grocery shopping. Groceries | Shopping | On A Budget | For Families | Save Money | Budget | Spending | How To | Tips | Frugal Living
Find out how to fix these mistakes so you can start saving money.

Hands up, who else’s grocery costs are a huge chunk of their monthly outgoings?! Now, hands up, who doesn’t even know how much they’re spending on groceries each month?? You’re not alone, trust me! I bet if I asked 10 people how much they spend at the supermarket each month, at least half of them wouldn’t be able to tell me (or would only be able to give me a rough guess).

You might have seen a post I wrote recently on how to save money on your groceries by switching away from branded items. That’s a good place to start if you’re overspending consistently on your weekly shop. But today I’m talking you through 3 specific mistakes you’re making at the supermarket which are costing you money. And, don’t worry, I’ll also be sharing how you can fix these mistakes!

Let’s dive right in…

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6 Step Plan to Slash Your Grocery Spending

Need to save money on groceries? Here's one easy way to save yourself hundreds of pounds. Groceries | Shopping | Save | On A Budget | Make Savings | Save Money | Slash | Spending | Cut | Reduce | For Families | Compare | Branded | Generic | Frugal Living
How much could you save after implementing these changes?

I used to be a ‘brand snob’. I don’t even know if that’s a ‘thing’ but it’s certainly an accurate description. I would only buy brands because “Well, they’re the best aren’t they? The cheaper alternatives can’t possibly be any good.”

Oh how wrong I was!

And oh, how I cringe at the money I could’ve saved by changing this attitude I had.

Thankfully I got over my snobbery and now love the savings I’m making while still enjoying my food. Continue reading “6 Step Plan to Slash Your Grocery Spending”

How to Earn Money While you Shop

Would you like to earn money while you shop? It's so easy to do if you follow this guide. Earn | Earn Money | From Home | Online | At Home | Easy | Quick | How To | Guide
If you shop online then you need to read this!

I do a lot of online shopping. It’s the most convenient way to shop since kids came along. Gone are the days when I could spend a leisurely afternoon browsing around shops trying on clothes or picking out gifts. Who wants to be dragging a screaming toddler around the shops when you can press a few buttons on your phone and have your parcel appear at your door a few days later?! (Or next day if you’ve got Amazon Prime!!) Not that I’m complaining of course! I wouldn’t change the way things are right now for anything.

But since discovering one clever little trick that I’m about to share with you, online shopping just got even more appealing! How would you like to EARN MONEY while you shop??? Yes, I thought so! And don’t worry, this isn’t a post all about turning you into some clever computer hacker that’s going to steal millions. This is a completely legitimate technique that isn’t as widely advertised as I think it should be.

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