DIY Drawer Organiser

DIY drawer organiser tutorial. You can create beautifully organised drawers without spending a penny. Get Organised | On A Budget | How To | Tutorial | Frugal Living |
It’s perfectly possible to organise your home on a budget.

Clutter. Junk. Stuff. We all have it. I know there is a lot of excess in our home that I’m constantly trying to cull and I’m sure your house is exactly the same.¬†You may have seen my guest post on the Lylia Rose blog about how you can make money by selling all your excess in various ways.

But today, I’m working on the assumption that you’ve culled your excess already. And what you need to do now is organise what’s left.


What’s in your junk drawer?

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How to Never be Late Again

Never be late again with this one fail safe rule.
Never be late again with this one fail safe rule.

Being on time is my ‘thing’! I’m never late for anything. EVER! I’ve always been like this. I just can’t stand the thought of being late. Appointments, toddler groups or meeting a friend. Whatever it is, I always make sure I’m on time.

Before kids came along this was easy enough for me. I paid attention to what time I needed to be somewhere then worked backwards from there to work out when I needed to leave the house.


People with no kids don’t know!

Anyone reading this who has kids is likely thinking “Yes, it’s easy to be on time with no kids around to ruin your time schedule with their delay tactics.” I think Michael McIntyre sums things up perfectly with this comedy sketch. If you haven’t already seen this then you absolutely MUST watch it right now!! If you have already seen it then you know what’s coming. BUT, I guarantee you will still find it hilarious so go ahead and give yourself another laugh at the honest truth of what he’s saying.

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How to Organise Your DVDs and Create More Space

Organise your DVDs and create more space.
Organise your DVDs and create more space.

We own a LOT of DVDs. I’m sure we’re not alone in this. Some homes are full of books, ours is full of DVDs. What can I say, we love movies! And since kids came along, we rarely get out to the cinema. So, instead, we bring the cinema home. That way we still get to enjoy watching films, but without all the hassle of having to find a babysitter, then sitting staring at my phone constantly during the film in case I miss a call from said babysitter.

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