The Only Resource You Need To Start A Blog

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This is the only resource you need to start a blog as a busy mum.

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Or maybe you’ve taken some steps to start a blog but aren’t exactly sure what you need to do next? Or maybe you’re just completely overwhelmed by it all?

I’ve been there!!


This is the post for you!

I was sitting where you are only a few months ago. I knew I wanted to start a blog. I’d bought my domain and hosting and installed WordPress. I had a ton of great blog post ideas. But then I got stuck. There was SO much info out there about all the things you ‘NEED’ to do to start a blog. Some of it was contradictory and some of it just went straight over my head with its in depth technical terms. Continue reading “The Only Resource You Need To Start A Blog”

4 Must-Have Apps for Busy People

These apps will save you time and they're all FREE! Apps | Top Apps | For Mums | Busy Mums | Save Time | Free | iPhone | Android | Must Have | Best | Top
These apps will save you time and they’re all FREE!

Can you remember life without your smartphone?? I’m struggling to think back to how I managed to organise my life and get things done without mine. Honestly, I don’t think I could manage without mine now, although that would be a fun experiment and you can be sure if I ever do give it up for a spell, I’ll be sure to blog about how it went!

There are SO many apps available to choose from, the choice can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. So here’s my pick of my top 4 favourite apps for busy people. The ones I really would struggle without if you removed them from my phone (and I can assure you now, Facebook is NOT on the list! Seriously, that one really should be removed from my phone it’s a real time-sucker!!)

Oh, I should also add that all these apps are FREE! Yay!

Continue reading “4 Must-Have Apps for Busy People”