3 Golden Rules for Saving Money when Shopping Online

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Follow these 3 golden rules and you’ll save money every time you shop.

Do you love the convenience of shopping online? Me too! I love that I can shop while my baby naps and have the postman deliver it. Hassle free shopping without dragging the kids around with me is fab!

And if you’re not out in the shops, you’re less likely to pick up unnecessary extras that you really don’t need which will save you money, right? Well, not quite. Online retailers are definitely jumping on the bandwagon with tempting you to add purchases to your basket that you don’t need (or weren’t planning). And they’re also very good at knowing which techniques to use to urge you into making that purchase before you check elsewhere and do your research.

There are very easy techniques you can apply every time you shop online to make sure you’re getting the best deal, saving the most amount of money and using these online retailers’ techniques to your advantage.


Follow these 3 golden rules every time you shop online

1. Always check for cash back

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know how much I love earning cash back on my shopping. It’s a great way to add to your savings without even trying.

What if I forget?

It can be easy to forget though. You get to the checkout, pay for your items and then suddenly remember you could’ve earned some cash back. There is a solution to this though…the Top Cash Back browser extension.

This nifty wee extension can be installed at the touch of a button and, once in place, anytime you visit a website where you can earn cash back, a notification will pop up. It has saved me from missing out on many occasions. And it also saves you time searching through the top cash back website, looking for which of your favourite online retailers are offering cash back. Definitely worth taking the couple of minutes to install.

The top cash back notifier is currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


2. Sign upĀ for discountsĀ 

This is a great way to save money, especially if you’re a new customer. Until fairly recently, when I was shopping on a website and a pop-up box appeared, I quickly clicked the little ‘x’ without even reading what was in the box. I’m sure I’m not alone in this! I really do not like pop-up boxes!

BUT I recently changed my habits and it’s saved me a ton of money!

Wait before you click that ‘x’

Now, when that annoying little box appears, I take a couple of seconds to read it. Why? Because, often it’s the company trying to urge you to make a purchase by offering you a discount. So, if you were planning to make a purchase anyway, why not take advantage of the extra discount?

Usually the discount code is emailed to you, so you have to be ok with sharing your email address. But for a 15% discount I’m happy to do that. You can always unsubscribe once you’ve placed your order. But, if it’s somewhere you’re likely to shop again, it may be worth continuing to get those emails, as you may get other exclusive offers sent out to you.

Another nifty trick

Another handy trick I’ve discovered is this…if you hover your mouse over the top of the page, as if you’re about to close down your tab/browser, that can sometimes trigger a pop-up box with an extra discount! Especially if you’ve already placed items into your basket. I’ve managed to get big discounts this way!


3. Don’t fall for urgency messages

You know that ones’s I’m talking about…”Only 2 left at this price, book now so you don’t miss out!”, “Hurry, sale ends tonight!”, “19 other people are looking at this hotel right now, 48 people have booked in the last 24 hours!” etc etc.

These messages have one purpose and one purpose only, to nudge you into making a snap decision you otherwise would’ve spent longer to make. Without seeing these messages, you would’ve shopped around or taken some time to deliberate about your purchase.

Don’t fall into the urgency trap! Take the time you need and shop around as you usually would before making any purchases. Otherwise you’re likely to end up spending more than you need to because you haven’t done your research properly. And that’s exactly what these companies are hoping you’ll do!



There you go. The 3 golden rules you should abide by if you want to save money when shopping online. Check for cash back, sign up for discounts and don’t fall into the urgency trap. Let me know how much you manage to save on your next purchase when using these rules.




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