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My go-to resources for everyday saving.

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My go-to websites for everyday saving – You can read all about why I love this site and how I use it here. It should definitely be saved in your browser. – Never renew anything without checking here first. Read more about why that is in this post. – For the same reasons as above, this should be a regularly visited site for any frugal mum. More details about it can be found here.


FREE budgeting worksheets

If you want to take control of your finances, find out where your money is going and work out where to make savings, then you need these FREE budgeting worksheets. I created these to allow you to easily work out your own budget and help you plan for big expenses. I hope you find them helpful.

Start your own blog!

Want to get started with your own blog and start a new adventure? First check out this post then go here to sign up with Bluehost (<< that’s an affiliate link right there, if you sign up with my link I get some commission but don’t worry this doesn’t cost you anything extra at all!)

eBooks I recommend to get started

Blog By Number by Suzi Whitford is THE place to get started. She walks you through all the stages of getting set up. There were so many things I hadn’t even given 2 seconds thought to, like coming up with a colour scheme so that your ‘brand’ is identifiable. That’s the kind of detail she goes into, without this book I would’ve taken SO much longer to get up and running with my blog.

You can read my full review of her eBook in this post.

That’s an affiliate link by the way. But I wouldn’t be recommending this to you if I didn’t love it, find it incredibly helpful and continue to refer back to it again and again.

Building A Framework by Abby Lawson is great once you’re set up and wondering what to do next. She does have a section on starting a blog but, in my personal opinion, Suzi’s book above is a better place to start if you know absolutely nothing about getting started with a blog.

What I love about Abby’s book is how much detail she goes into about the next stages of blogging. She tells you absolutely everything she did to grow her blog in her first year. It honestly took me several weeks to get through it because she shares a TON of actionable points that I wanted to put into action as I went along.

She shares things like how to set up automation between your social media accounts so you don’t need to waste time duplicating. It’s all these useful pointers that I didn’t know about that has me referring back to her book over and over. And yes, before you ask, that’s another affiliate link. But seriously, it’s worth the investment and you get lifetime access to any updated versions of the book at no extra cost. Sweet!


Courses I recommend

Find Your Tribe Online by Jen Snyder. Once you’re set up and into a rhythm of writing and promoting posts, this is the next step you need to take to seriously boost traffic to your site.

Jen walks you through step by step how to find your ‘tribe’ (ie your niche) and what to do when you find them. Her videos are packed with actionable steps and she has assignments at the end of every lesson. When I applied her methods I saw my traffic TRIPLE!! She really does know her stuff and she’s also so helpful if you have any questions. She replies to every email really quickly and is always so nice.

Pinterest Primer by McKinzie Bean. Pinterest is a very powerful tool as a blogger for driving traffic to your site. I didn’t understand how other bloggers were managing to generate so much traffic from Pinterest, until I discovered McKinzie’s course. She goes over all the basics in great detail and I noticed instant results after implementing her methods. And as an added bonus, this course is completely FREE! So there’s nothing to lose.

Bloggers who blog about blogging – I’ve already mentioned Suzi in this post, if you’re thinking about starting your own blog then you definitely need to check out her site it’s full of great advice for potential mommy bloggers! – This is Jen’s site where she helps women grow their blogs. So once you’re up and running you’ll want to check out her site because she has SO much to offer. She also has a Facebook group which is full of amazing and supportive bloggers. – Allison also has a blog dedicated to helping others start their own blog. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts regular videos answering her readers questions. – Abby’s blog gets some serious traffic and she has all kinds of great organisation and decorating tips. You’ll be stuck on her site for hours browsing through it all (trust me!!). – I’ve mentioned Addi here, she’s the mastress of Pinterest! She can teach you exactly how to earn money on Pinterest, who doesn’t want to learn how to do that?!


Other useful websites to check out! – Create beautiful graphics for websites, blogs, social media, posters and more. – More photo editing options to create beautiful images for anything you want. – If you’re serious about boosting your Pinterest followers then this is a must! You get to try it out for free but there is then a fee if you continue to use it. I don’t know anyone that hasn’t continued though so be warned… – This is another Pinterest scheduling tool that works in a different way to Tailwind. I love them both but it’s personal preference which one works for you so I suggest you try them both (you can get a free trial of each) then stick with the one that works for you.


Sharing is caring!

Here are some blogs I follow and love, please go check them out. And be sure to check back regularly as I’ll continue to update this list as I find new and exciting blogs to follow! – Stacey’s blog is all about parenting and positive lifestyle. I love having her recipes pop up in my inbox, lots of lovely new ideas to try out. – Beth will teach you all about ‘home decorating, interior designing and DIYing on the cheap’. – Caroline’s blog is all about affordable ways to create a beautiful home and lifestyle. – Janett wants to inspire you to live a happy and fulfilling life. I’ve picked up several useful tips from her, including how to improve sleep by switching you phone to airplane mode overnight (it works!!) – Ashley is a fellow frugal living blogger. Her site is definitely worth checking out, tons more tips on saving money and living a frugal happy life.