Protect Yourself from Card Skimming with this One Little (and cheap!) Addition to Your Wallet

Protect yourself from card skimming with this one little addition to your wallet. It's also really cheap! Card Skimming | Card Skimmers | Scammers | Scamming | How To | Protect Yourself | Protect Your Card | Protect Your Details | Frugal Living | Protective Sleeve | Card Protection | On A Budget | Budget Answers | Skimming App
Don’t be caught out, this little addition could save you thousands!

Today’s post is a nice short one, but it’s probably the most important post you will read today! That’s if you want to learn how to keep your card details from being stolen from sneaky skimmers of course (which I’m sure is all of you!) i’m going to start with the bad news, but don’t worry, the good news does come if you keep reading to the end…

If you’re anything like me, then your bank cards are probably one of the most used items you possess! They take a hit anywhere and everywhere, it’s very rare these days to find a shop that doesn’t accept plastic as a form of payment. You can pay for everything from milk to a haircut with that little piece of plastic! It’s amazing isn’t it. And contactless cards have made it even easier for us to flitter away our cash.


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It’s easier than you think for someone to get hold of your card details

But, like carrying cash, your cards are a prime target for theft. Unlike cash, however, you may not know it’s been stolen until it’s too late.

Technology is constantly advancing…but those advancements are on both the good guys and the bad guys side. You need to be on constant alert for those sneaky thieves, as they can be very cunning indeed. For any Harry Potter fans out there I’m gonna shout “constant vigilance” at you!!

It’s really scary thinking that someone could get their hands on your hard earned savings. And even scarier that there’s not always a lot than can be done about it.

I’m only going to sound all doom and gloom for a couple more paragraphs, I promise, then we’ll get to the positive part!

There’s an app for that!

There really is an app for everything these days. Now, this is the really scary part. There’s an app that can copy your card details, even if it’s still in your bag!! I actually saw this is action and it terrified me!


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With the introduction of contactless cards, came the invention of this skimming app. All the skimmer has to do is open the app, place their phone next to your card/purse/wallet/bag and the app takes all the data they need from your card for them to start making payments with your details! Your card doesn’t even need to be out in the open for this to work, your details can be stolen even if your card is safely hidden away in the depths of your bag.

Ok, I did promise there would be a positive part to this post…

This one item should be in every wallet

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that there is a really easy (and really cheap!) way to beat this app and protect your card details from being skimmed. Yay!

Cover your cards and you’re good to go

All you need to do to beat this card skimming app is to cover your cards with a protective sleeve. These block the signal from the contactless part of your card, preventing your details from being transmitted.

I heard about these protective sleeves on Rip Off Britain, one of my favourite day time TV shows (not that I get to watch much daytime TV these days with 2 toddlers to chase around after!)

They really are so simple and SO cheap that every wallet should have one (or 2 or 3 or however many cards you have in your wallet!)

After purchasing mine (immediately after watching the Rip Off Britain segment about card skimming) I tested it out by trying to do a contactless payment without removing the protective sleeve. I couldn’t make the payment, which means these little oh-so-simple inventions work!


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Now that really is good news!

I’m sure you’re breathing a sigh of relief right about now. I did tell you there would be good news if you read right to the end! I was so excited to find out that one simple and, more importantly, cheap(!) item can prevent your card details from being stolen without you realising.

These little protective sleeves cost less than your average cup of coffee, so are well worth the investment. I know which I’d rather have if given the option of coffee or someone going on a spending spree with my money!

2 thoughts on “Protect Yourself from Card Skimming with this One Little (and cheap!) Addition to Your Wallet

  1. My husband had a couple of his cards compromised a few years ago. The can actually steel the info just walking buy, so he bought a wallet with the metal threads in it that blocks the readers. It was called identidy stronghold, and we bought the sleeves to protect our passports as well.

    1. Oh no, I hope you managed to get everything sorted out quickly. I like the sound of a wallet with the signal blocker built in, thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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