No Need To Buy Any More Ink For 4 Years With The EcoTank Printer!


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No more frustration with ongoing ink cartridge costs!

With so many ‘paperless’ options these days, from bank statements to shopping receipts, a lot of information that would’ve previously been in paper form is being stored online. This is great for lots of reasons. But sometimes you really want to have a hard copy printed out.

We went away on holiday this summer and I printed out everything before we went. The boarding passes, car hire information, directions to where we were staying etc etc. It’s so handy having a paper copy in these situations, in case you can’t access your phone or there isn’t any Wi-Fi available when you need it.

One thing that used to really annoy me about printing from home is that I’d end up spending a silly amount on ink. And because we don’t print a huge amount, the ink would often dry up or one colour would run out before the others. This meant I was almost needing to replace the ink cartridge every time I wanted to use the printer (ok, that’s an exaggeration but you get the idea!)


Is a bargain printer really a bargain?

If you’ve ever had to replace the ink cartridge in your printer then I’m guessing you’ve been as unimpressed as I have about how much it costs.  You’re all chuffed with yourself because you got a great deal on your shiny new printer. Then you run out of ink and go to get some more and suddenly you’re not quite so chuffed with your decision!

Why does the ink cost more than the printer?

Ok, so maybe it’s not always more than you bought the printer for. But the majority of the time it’s almost the same price, which is ridiculous in my opinion. There have been a couple of occasions where we’ve gone to buy a new ink cartridge and come away with a new printer, because it’s actually better value than buying the ink separately. Why get just the ink when you can get a new printer included for an extra £10?

And if you’re not doing a huge amount of printing then, as I mentioned above, the ink has a tendency to dry up meaning that it’s even more expensive since you’re not actually getting to use it all.

After realising that your ongoing costs are so high, you suddenly realise that your bargain printer isn’t really much of a bargain after all.


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Enter the very cost effective Eco-Tank

This is where I get excited. I discovered this little gem last time our printer needed some new ink. Well, actually it was my husband who discovered it, since I sent him out to do some research beforehand. Our printer was getting a bit old so we were thinking about replacing it anyway. So off he went to go and investigate both printer prices and ink costs. We wanted to see if we could find an option that didn’t have such high ongoing costs.

And we found it in the Eco Tank.

This clever printer uses liquid ink (sold in bottles) instead of cartridges. Each ink bottle will last you about 2 years! That’s 4,500 black & white pages and 7,500 colour pages! I don’t do a huge amount of printing so I reckon ours will last a lot longer than 2 years.


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Initial outset higher but ongoing costs much much lower

Now, before you rush out and buy one of these fantastic printers, I will warn you that it does sound very expensive compared to other standard ink cartridge printers. But trust me, you will save a phenomenal amount in the long run. The initial cost includes 4 bottles of ink along with the printer. This is around the same price as 3 cartridge printers. Or 1 printer and 2-3 cartridge refills (depending on which printer you buy).

That might sound a lot but lets look at the ongoing costs, as this is where the real savings are made.

Liquid ink instead of cartridges

Liquid ink means no more cartridges and no ink drying up. Ecotank | Printer | Ink | Save Money | How To | Reduce Printing Costs |

The liquid ink means that it will never dry up. So, if you don’t use your printer for a while there’s no need to worry about having to replace the ink when you try to use it again. It will still be there, nice and fresh and ready to go. This alone was a big selling point for me. I will often go several months without using the printer. Then I would get really frustrated that the ink had dried up and it was such a waste.

Replace colours individually rather than all together

Another great point about the ink is that you buy each colour individually. All our previous printers only had the option of replacing an entire colour cartridge. And the colours never all run out at the same time. So that’s more wastage (and more cost!)

You can easily see when each colour needs replaced as there’s a viewing window on the side of the printer with ‘max’ and ‘min’ levels.

As it’s very unlikely you’ll need to replace all the colours at once, your ongoing costs will be nicely spread out.

Print thousands of pages before needing a refill

You will only have to replace your ink, at most, every 2 years! And that’s if you’re doing a lot of printing. The initial ink bottles that come with the printer will do you 4,500 black & white pages and 7,500 colour pages! If you work it out, you’d have to be printing 500 pages a month to run out in 2 years!! I’m pretty confident our ink will last us nearer 4 years.

Imagine not having to buy any ink for 4 whole years!


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The Eco Tank has a higher initial purchase cost but ongoing costs are very minimal. The liquid ink means it’ll never dry up. The colours can be replaced individually, meaning no wasted ink when one colour runs out. You can easily get 2 years of printing out of the initial 4 bottles of ink, reducing ongoing costs to practically zilch!

Have a look at what others are saying about it here. And make sure you let me know what you think once you’ve gone and got one for yourself!

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