11 Best Budget-Friendly Crafts for Kids

Budget-friendly crafts for kids. Keep your kids entertained on rainy days with these fun free crafts. Crafts | Fun | Free | On A Budget | For Kids | For Girls | For Boys | For Toddlers |  Indoor Activities | Simple |
Keep your kids entertained on rainy days with these fun free crafts.

Show your creative side, on the smallest of budgets

Following on from my budget-friendly craft cupboard essentials post last week, this week I’ve scoured the web (or more accurately, Pinterest!) to find the best budget-friendly craft ideas. These are all simple but fun crafts that you can do with supplies you’ll likely already have lying around your home. You don’t need to get any fancy or expensive crafting supplies to be able to make masterpieces!


Who knew you could do so much with a piece of paper?

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Kids Budget Craft Cupboard Essentials

Budget friendly craft cupboard essentials. Fill your craft cupboard without spending all your hard earned cash. Crafts | Arts | For Kids | Budget | Supplies | Essentials | For Toddlers | For Boys | For Girls |
Stock up on all your crafting essentials without splashing too much of your hard earned cash!

Kids are expensive!

Right from the word go, kids start costing you money. At the start it’s all the nappies and clothes that they go through at an alarming rate (unless, of course, you use the very budget-friendly cloth nappy option). Then, they go to school and it’s all the after school activities. And then you have all the birthdays/Christmases and parties they’ll be invited to.

Yes, kids are expensive. BUT, there are ways to save money without having to say “no” to things. That’s the kind of challenge I love! Being able to find the budget option in any circumstance. There is always an alternative, you just have to be willing to go out and find it.


There are plenty of ways to save money

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Disposable vs Cloth Nappies – which is the best option for you?

Cloth vs disposable nappies, which are the best option for you. Find out the pros and cons of both in this full comparison review. Nappies | Diapers | Best | Option | Comparison | Pros | Cons | Cloth | Washable | Reusable | Disposable | Storage | Washing | Accessories | Verdict | Cost | Saving | Frugal Living | Parenting | Families
Work out which nappies suit you best.

Are you a mum (or about to become a mum) and are wondering about what kind of nappies to use? It’s something I never really thought about when my first baby was born. I only knew about one option so that’s what I went with. I stocked up with what I thought was a phenomenal amount of disposable nappies, which suddenly disappeared within a week!

Phew, what a lot of pooping babies do! I was not at all ready for it!

I seemed to be firing through hundreds of nappies at every bat of an eyelid, with the cost rapidly mounting.


What’s the alternative?

When I say I only knew of one option for nappies, that’s not technically true. I did know about cloth nappies. But my knowledge was limited to “Those flimsy white wrap things that get covered in poop and require your washing machine to be constantly running.”

So I continued with disposables for several years, putting the mounting cost down to a necessary baby expense.

Until, one day, a friend introduced me to modern cloth nappies. So I decided to put them to the test. Could these be a frugal alternative to disposables I could manage? Continue reading “Disposable vs Cloth Nappies – which is the best option for you?”

5 Top Toddler Garden Play Ideas (and they’re all FREE!)

Need to entertain the kids for free? Here are some top garden play ideas that will cost you nothing at all. Garden | Play | Fun | Activities | For Kids | For Toddlers | Free | Outdoor | Summer | Ideas
Make the most of the summer by getting outside and enjoying some garden fun.

Summer is here which means more sunshine (hopefully!) and more time spent outside. Yay! If you’re anything like me and are ‘solar powered’ then this is a great time of year. Lots of fresh air and sunshine makes for a happier version of me.


Summer holidays can be expensive

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6 Top Budget Toddler Gifts

Need a great gift for a toddler? On a budget? Here are my top recommendations. Gifts | For Toddler | For Kids | For Boy | For Girl | On A Budget | Cheap | Top | Recommendation | Frugal Living
You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a great gift for a toddler.

If you’re a mum who socialises with other mums then you’ve no doubt had to, at some point, buy gifts for their children. I love choosing gifts for my friends kids and for friends of my kids. But when you’re buying multiple gifts a year then the cost can quickly mount up.


So many birthdays to buy for!

My son has just started nursery which has exposed him to a whole new bunch of friends which is great! He’s a very sociable little boy and it wasn’t long before the first birthday party invite arrived.

Even before he started nursery he had a lot of friends. These friends all had birthdays (obviously!) which often involved a party, or at least a gift being given.

Like I said above, buying lots of presents can get expensive. Very expensive. If your child goes to 10 parties in a year and you spend £10 on each of those children, that’s a whopping £100!!! Continue reading “6 Top Budget Toddler Gifts”

How To Save Money On Baby Wipes (Cheeky Wipes Review)

Spending a fortune on baby wipes? This one switch will save you big bucks. Baby Wipes | Washable Wipes | Save Money | How To Save | Baby | Kids | Frugal Living
Make mega savings with this one simple switch.

If you’re a mum with small children in nappies then baby wipes are likely a regular feature in your weekly shop. You probably have packets of them all over the house (or  maybe even boxes!). And you go through those packets at an alarming rate.

The cost soon adds up!

One packet of baby wipes doesn’t cost a lot. BUT when you’re going through several packets a week, the cost rapidly escalates. I actually worked out that over the course of a year I would spend over £120 on wipes! That’s with me buying them during baby events when they’re on offer. If I didn’t do that it would easily cost me over £200 a year!!

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Budget Alternative to the Stokke Tripp Trapp

If the popular Stokke Tripp Trapp is out of your budget then have a look at this budget alternative.
If the popular Stokke Tripp Trapp is out of your budget then have a look at this budget alternative.

One of the many purchases every new parent (or parent-to-be) needs to think about is a highchair. Something to allow your baby to sit with you at the table to enjoy their meals, or possibly more accurately throw their food all over the floor! But with SO many different highchairs to choose from, how on earth are you supposed to choose one? Continue reading “Budget Alternative to the Stokke Tripp Trapp”

5 Top Recipes You Should Make With Your Kids

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen will be easy with these kid-friendly recipes.
Getting the kids involved in the kitchen will be easy with these kid-friendly recipes.

My kids love helping in the kitchen. They love watching what goes on on the hob and they love sitting on the floor watching things bake in the oven. They are fascinated by everything that goes on in there so it makes sense to include them in the cooking and baking processes.


Benefits of cooking with kids

Cooking and baking are activities they have been involved in from a young age. There are so many benefits to having kids help out in the kitchen, here are a few;

  • Fun, free rainy day activity.
  • Quality time and bonding with your kids.
  • Develops early independence of kitchen skills.
  • Helps develop motor skills (gross and fine).
  • Increases the chance they will eat something if they have seen how it’s been made.

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