3 Mistakes You’re Making At The Supermarket (and how to fix them)

Are you making these 3 mistakes at the supermarket? Find out how to fix them and start saving money on your grocery shopping. Groceries | Shopping | On A Budget | For Families | Save Money | Budget | Spending | How To | Tips | Frugal Living
Find out how to fix these mistakes so you can start saving money.

Hands up, who else’s grocery costs are a huge chunk of their monthly outgoings?! Now, hands up, who doesn’t even know how much they’re spending on groceries each month?? You’re not alone, trust me! I bet if I asked 10 people how much they spend at the supermarket each month, at least half of them wouldn’t be able to tell me (or would only be able to give me a rough guess).

You might have seen a post I wrote recently on how to save money on your groceries by switching away from branded items. That’s a good place to start if you’re overspending consistently on your weekly shop. But today I’m talking you through 3 specific mistakes you’re making at the supermarket which are costing you money. And, don’t worry, I’ll also be sharing how you can fix these mistakes!

Let’s dive right in…

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6 Step Plan to Slash Your Grocery Spending

Need to save money on groceries? Here's one easy way to save yourself hundreds of pounds. Groceries | Shopping | Save | On A Budget | Make Savings | Save Money | Slash | Spending | Cut | Reduce | For Families | Compare | Branded | Generic | Frugal Living
How much could you save after implementing these changes?

I used to be a ‘brand snob’. I don’t even know if that’s a ‘thing’ but it’s certainly an accurate description. I would only buy brands because “Well, they’re the best aren’t they? The cheaper alternatives can’t possibly be any good.”

Oh how wrong I was!

And oh, how I cringe at the money I could’ve saved by changing this attitude I had.

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