Kids Budget Craft Cupboard Essentials

Budget friendly craft cupboard essentials. Fill your craft cupboard without spending all your hard earned cash. Crafts | Arts | For Kids | Budget | Supplies | Essentials | For Toddlers | For Boys | For Girls |
Stock up on all your crafting essentials without splashing too much of your hard earned cash!

Kids are expensive!

Right from the word go, kids start costing you money. At the start it’s all the nappies and clothes that they go through at an alarming rate (unless, of course, you use the very budget-friendly cloth nappy option). Then, they go to school and it’s all the after school activities. And then you have all the birthdays/Christmases and parties they’ll be invited to.

Yes, kids are expensive. BUT, there are ways to save money without having to say “no” to things. That’s the kind of challenge I love! Being able to find the budget option in any circumstance. There is always an alternative, you just have to be willing to go out and find it.


There are plenty of ways to save money

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6 Top Budget Toddler Gifts

Need a great gift for a toddler? On a budget? Here are my top recommendations. Gifts | For Toddler | For Kids | For Boy | For Girl | On A Budget | Cheap | Top | Recommendation | Frugal Living
You don’t need to spend a fortune to find a great gift for a toddler.

If you’re a mum who socialises with other mums then you’ve no doubt had to, at some point, buy gifts for their children. I love choosing gifts for my friends kids and for friends of my kids. But when you’re buying multiple gifts a year then the cost can quickly mount up.


So many birthdays to buy for!

My son has just started nursery which has exposed him to a whole new bunch of friends which is great! He’s a very sociable little boy and it wasn’t long before the first birthday party invite arrived.

Even before he started nursery he had a lot of friends. These friends all had birthdays (obviously!) which often involved a party, or at least a gift being given.

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Top 7 Most Useful Gifts For New Mums

Need a great gift for a new mum? On a budget? Here are my top recommendations. Gifts | For Mums | New Mums | For Her | Practical | On A Budget | Useful | Top | Ideas | Frugal Living | Baby
Need a great gift for a new mum? On a budget? Here are my top recommendations.

I seem to be in that phase of life where all my friends (and me!) are having babies! I love that there is always a newborn to go and visit and cuddle (and who will usually vomit on me at some point during said visit/cuddle time!)


But what should you give to a new mum? Do you get a ridiculously cute outfit that, although it’s totally gorgeous, will be hugely impractical? Or do you get something boring and useful like nappies/wipes/cotton wool that you absolutely know will be used, but isn’t the most exciting gift to give?


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