11 Best Budget-Friendly Crafts for Kids

Budget-friendly crafts for kids. Keep your kids entertained on rainy days with these fun free crafts. Crafts | Fun | Free | On A Budget | For Kids | For Girls | For Boys | For Toddlers |  Indoor Activities | Simple |
Keep your kids entertained on rainy days with these fun free crafts.

Show your creative side, on the smallest of budgets

Following on from my budget-friendly craft cupboard essentials post last week, this week I’ve scoured the web (or more accurately, Pinterest!) to find the best budget-friendly craft ideas. These are all simple but fun crafts that you can do with supplies you’ll likely already have lying around your home. You don’t need to get any fancy or expensive crafting supplies to be able to make masterpieces!


Who knew you could do so much with a piece of paper?

Snowflakes, lanterns and more…

Now that you’re craft cupboard is all stocked up with paper (after reading last week’s post), why not try some of these 6¬†fab crafts and games that only require a piece of paper to make. Some of these will be great for older kids, others are more suitable for younger children. With Christmas fast approaching (you’ve started your Christmas shopping already right?!) the paper snowflakes are going to be littering my living room before I know it.

Four seasons handprint trees

Technically, this craft requires paint as well as paper. But let’s not get pernickety! These tree ‘families’ would be ideal to frame and give as gifts to grandparents. All grandparents love receiving homemade gifts from their grandchildren and it’ll make your Christmas budget stretch even further.



Recycle bin overflowing? Try some of these…

I don’t know about you, but our recycle bin always seems to be overflowing! With so much paper, cardboard and plastic passing through our homes, why not put it to use by getting your kids to make some of these fun crafts.

Paper plate dinosaur

My son loves playing with his toy dinosaurs. If your kids are the same, then they’ll love these fun dinosaurs made with paper plates. They’re so easy and you can extend the fun by decorating them with paint, pen, stickers or anything else in your craft cupboard.

Toilet roll octopus

Try an underwater themed free craft using toilet roll inners (or paper if you prefer, like in the tutorial) to make a fun family of octopuses (is that the plural, or is it octopi?!) You could even go all out and make this cereal box aquarium for your underwater creatures to live in.

Egg carton caterpillar

And turtle. And frog. Who knew you could make so many animals with egg cartons? We do a lot of baking in our house, so we always have a lot of empty egg cartons filling up our recycle bin. I haven’t made these animals yet, but this is definitely going on my to-do list for the school holidays, when I’ve got my eldest at home all day and needing entertained.

Milk bottle elephant

Let your little ones imagination run free decorating these milk bottle elephants. They’re so simple and can be decorated with absolutely anything. The tutorial uses washi tape, but that could get expensive so I’d leave that out and stick to tissue paper, stickers etc.



So there you go, 11 fantastic budget-friendly crafts for your kids to do, using items found in your home. Let me know which is your favourite, I’m excited about the caterpillars personally. I’ll be sure to post on Instagram once we get around to creating them and I’d love to see your creations too.




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