How To Save Money On Baby Wipes (Cheeky Wipes Review)

Spending a fortune on baby wipes? This one switch will save you big bucks. Baby Wipes | Washable Wipes | Save Money | How To Save | Baby | Kids | Frugal Living
Make mega savings with this one simple switch.

If you’re a mum with small children in nappies then baby wipes are likely a regular feature in your weekly shop. You probably have packets of them all over the house (or  maybe even boxes!). And you go through those packets at an alarming rate.

The cost soon adds up!

One packet of baby wipes doesn’t cost a lot. BUT when you’re going through several packets a week, the cost rapidly escalates. I actually worked out that over the course of a year I would spend over £120 on wipes! That’s with me buying them during baby events when they’re on offer. If I didn’t do that it would easily cost me over £200 a year!!

You can’t just stop using wipes though, can you? Your baby pees and poops every day! How else are you gonna clean up the mess if you don’t have a load of baby wipes to hand? Continue reading “How To Save Money On Baby Wipes (Cheeky Wipes Review)”

Top Recipe Books Every Kitchen Should Have

Stop wasting money on recipe books you won't use, find out why every kitchen needs these 4!
Stop wasting money on recipe books you won’t use, find out why every kitchen needs these 4!

How many recipe books are in your kitchen? 1, 5 10, 50?? When was the last time you looked at each of them? Have you even used them all?

I’m guessing that you have far more books than you actually need. I love browsing through cook books but only really use a handful of recipes from each of them, so their main purpose is cluttering up the kitchen shelves.

There are a few that break that rule though! I have 4 recipe books that I regularly use. And I have tried most of the recipes in them. If I was asked to get rid of all my other recipe books, I would still have all the recipes I regularly use in these 4 books. Continue reading “Top Recipe Books Every Kitchen Should Have”

How To Holiday On A Budget

Planning a family holiday but on a tight budget? These top tips will help you make big savings on your next family holiday. Family Holiday | On A Budget | Save Money | Holiday | Abroad | Tips | Top Tips |
Have a great family holiday on a budget with these top tips.

Summer is fast approaching. It may not seem like it some days, I haven’t been brave enough to put the winter coats away yet! But we’re into the second quarter of the year now so summer holidays are completely acceptable to be discussing already.

Holidays before kids were easy!

Holidays before kids were easy. We had 2 full time incomes and no time to spend the money because of the long hours we worked. So holidays were a time to splash out a bit. I’m not talking outrageous extravagance, blowing all the savings on a 1 week luxury cruise. But we did set a very reasonable amount aside for our holidays.

Cutting back the budget without cutting back the fun

Since cutting back to only one income, and with more of us to go away on holiday now, things are a bit different. We still have really lovely holidays with amazing memories that I hope the kids will cherish for many years to come. But the budget is much smaller these days. Continue reading “How To Holiday On A Budget”