How to Never be Late Again

Never be late again with this one fail safe rule.
Never be late again with this one fail safe rule.

Being on time is my ‘thing’! I’m never late for anything. EVER! I’ve always been like this. I just can’t stand the thought of being late. Appointments, toddler groups or meeting a friend. Whatever it is, I always make sure I’m on time.

Before kids came along this was easy enough for me. I paid attention to what time I needed to be somewhere then worked backwards from there to work out when I needed to leave the house.


People with no kids don’t know!

Anyone reading this who has kids is likely thinking “Yes, it’s easy to be on time with no kids around to ruin your time schedule with their delay tactics.” I think Michael McIntyre sums things up perfectly with this comedy sketch. If you haven’t already seen this then you absolutely MUST watch it right now!! If you have already seen it then you know what’s coming. BUT, I guarantee you will still find it hilarious so go ahead and give yourself another laugh at the honest truth of what he’s saying.

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How to Organise Your DVDs and Create More Space

Organise your DVDs and create more space.
Organise your DVDs and create more space.

We own a LOT of DVDs. I’m sure we’re not alone in this. Some homes are full of books, ours is full of DVDs. What can I say, we love movies! And since kids came along, we rarely get out to the cinema. So, instead, we bring the cinema home. That way we still get to enjoy watching films, but without all the hassle of having to find a babysitter, then sitting staring at my phone constantly during the film in case I miss a call from said babysitter.

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1 Thing Frugal Mums Do To Save BIG Every Year!

This one thing frugal mums do can save you £1000! If you want to save money then following this one easy piece of advice could save you big bucks. Save | Budget | Save Money | Annual Savings | Renewals | Frugal Living | At Home | Ideas | Tips |
This one thing frugal mums do can save you £1000!

Have you ever had a renewal quote come through for your car insurance, house insurance, broadband etc, quickly scanned it, thought “yup, that looks ok” and then filed it away and forgotten about it? That used to be me and I cringe now when I think about it. Why do I cringe? Because, when I did this, it was literally like I was throwing money into the bin. Seriously! How could I possibly know that quote looked “ok” when I didn’t even bother to check what any other companies had on offer?!

A lot of companies draw you in with special rates and discounts for new customers. After a year these special rates no longer apply and guess what? Yes, your quote will suddenly shoot up.

I kind of understood this so wasn’t surprised when my renewal letters showed an increased price for my second year. But what I didn’t really know was that by shopping around, I could save seriously big bucks on my renewals.

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How to Make This Your Most Productive Year Ever!

Have your most productive year ever.
How to have your most productive year ever.

A new year. A new start.

I, like so many others, always start each new year with the best of intentions. I like to make a big long list of all the things I’m going to get done that year. But life always gets in the way doesn’t it.

Every month seems to bring another reason or excuse for why I couldn’t have the most productive time. And why I didn’t get anything checked off my to-do list. My excuse for the first half of last year was “I’ve got a newborn”. And the majority of the year before that it was “I’m too sick to do anything”. (Hands up who else suffered horrendous ‘morning sickness’ and hates that it’s called that?!)

But at the end of last year I made some changes. I was more determined than ever that I would make 2017 my most productive year. But I didn’t want to wait until the new year to start making changes. I wanted to get started straight away! So, this year I’m learning from my old mistakes and putting into practice what I’ve learned from the changes I made. And I’m sharing these changes with you so that you can have your most productive year too. Continue reading “How to Make This Your Most Productive Year Ever!”