Are Contactless Payments Blowing Your Budget?

Is contactless blowing your budget? Should you really be using it? Find out why I think it's a bad idea. Contactless | Payment | Card | Credit | Debit | Budget | Stick To | Bank Balance | Pending Payments | Frugal Living | For Families | Budgeting | How To |
Is this the reason you can’t stick to your budget?

Hands up who loved the introduction of contactless payments? How much easier has it made your day to day life, being able to simply tap and go?

But should you really be using contactless for all your small purchases? Is it actually as good an invention as you’re being made to believe? Here’s why I think it’s actually a bad idea…

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Why You Need To MOT Your Finances

MOT your finances today, stop letting your money control you. Stop feeling worried, stressed and overwhelmed by your finances. Finances | Budget | Budgeting | Personal | Tips | How To | Management | Workbook | MOT | Money | For Beginners | For Families |
What is a finances MOT and how do I do one?

When was the last time you had a good look at your bank statement and took the time to take note of everything coming in and out? Have you ever actually done that?? Maybe you’re simply plodding along, month by month, just making it to the next paycheck.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that changed! Imagine you could get to the next paycheck without counting every penny or checking your bank balance multiple times a day during those last few days of the month. Imagine you could do that AND build up some savings too. AND imagine you could do all that without having to make any compromises.

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3 Golden Rules for Saving Money when Shopping Online

3 golden rules for shopping online, always get the best deal you can. Shopping | Online | Golden Rules | Save Money | Deals | Bargains | How To | Top Tips | Cash Back | Discount |
Follow these 3 golden rules and you’ll save money every time you shop.
3 golden rules for shopping online, always get the best deal you can. Shopping | Online | Golden Rules | Save Money | Deals | Bargains | How To | Top Tips | Cash Back | Discount |

Do you love the convenience of shopping online? Me too! I love that I can shop while my baby naps and have the postman deliver it. Hassle free shopping without dragging the kids around with me is fab!

And if you’re not out in the shops, you’re less likely to pick up unnecessary extras that you really don’t need which will save you money, right? Well, not quite. Online retailers are definitely jumping on the bandwagon with tempting you to add purchases to your basket that you don’t need (or weren’t planning). And they’re also very good at knowing which techniques to use to urge you into making that purchase before you check elsewhere and do your research.

There are very easy techniques you can apply every time you shop online to make sure you’re getting the best deal, saving the most amount of money and using these online retailers’ techniques to your advantage.


Follow these 3 golden rules every time you shop online

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11 Best Budget-Friendly Crafts for Kids

Budget-friendly crafts for kids. Keep your kids entertained on rainy days with these fun free crafts. Crafts | Fun | Free | On A Budget | For Kids | For Girls | For Boys | For Toddlers |  Indoor Activities | Simple |
Keep your kids entertained on rainy days with these fun free crafts.

Show your creative side, on the smallest of budgets

Following on from my budget-friendly craft cupboard essentials post last week, this week I’ve scoured the web (or more accurately, Pinterest!) to find the best budget-friendly craft ideas. These are all simple but fun crafts that you can do with supplies you’ll likely already have lying around your home. You don’t need to get any fancy or expensive crafting supplies to be able to make masterpieces!


Who knew you could do so much with a piece of paper?

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Kids Budget Craft Cupboard Essentials

Budget friendly craft cupboard essentials. Fill your craft cupboard without spending all your hard earned cash. Crafts | Arts | For Kids | Budget | Supplies | Essentials | For Toddlers | For Boys | For Girls |
Stock up on all your crafting essentials without splashing too much of your hard earned cash!

Kids are expensive!

Right from the word go, kids start costing you money. At the start it’s all the nappies and clothes that they go through at an alarming rate (unless, of course, you use the very budget-friendly cloth nappy option). Then, they go to school and it’s all the after school activities. And then you have all the birthdays/Christmases and parties they’ll be invited to.

Yes, kids are expensive. BUT, there are ways to save money without having to say “no” to things. That’s the kind of challenge I love! Being able to find the budget option in any circumstance. There is always an alternative, you just have to be willing to go out and find it.


There are plenty of ways to save money

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DIY Drawer Organiser

DIY drawer organiser tutorial. You can create beautifully organised drawers without spending a penny. Get Organised | On A Budget | How To | Tutorial | Frugal Living |
It’s perfectly possible to organise your home on a budget.

Clutter. Junk. Stuff. We all have it. I know there is a lot of excess in our home that I’m constantly trying to cull and I’m sure your house is exactly the same. You may have seen my guest post on the Lylia Rose blog about how you can make money by selling all your excess in various ways.

But today, I’m working on the assumption that you’ve culled your excess already. And what you need to do now is organise what’s left.


What’s in your junk drawer?

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No Need To Buy Any More Ink For 4 Years With The EcoTank Printer!


Save money on printer ink with an Epson Ecotank. No need to buy any more ink for 4 years! Printer | Ink | Printer Ink | Save Money | How To | Reduce Costs | Ecotank | Epson | Frugal Living | Frugal Family |
No more frustration with ongoing ink cartridge costs!

With so many ‘paperless’ options these days, from bank statements to shopping receipts, a lot of information that would’ve previously been in paper form is being stored online. This is great for lots of reasons. But sometimes you really want to have a hard copy printed out.

We went away on holiday this summer and I printed out everything before we went. The boarding passes, car hire information, directions to where we were staying etc etc. It’s so handy having a paper copy in these situations, in case you can’t access your phone or there isn’t any Wi-Fi available when you need it.

One thing that used to really annoy me about printing from home is that I’d end up spending a silly amount on ink. And because we don’t print a huge amount, the ink would often dry up or one colour would run out before the others. This meant I was almost needing to replace the ink cartridge every time I wanted to use the printer (ok, that’s an exaggeration but you get the idea!)


Is a bargain printer really a bargain?

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Protect Yourself from Card Skimming with this One Little (and cheap!) Addition to Your Wallet

Protect yourself from card skimming with this one little addition to your wallet. It's also really cheap! Card Skimming | Card Skimmers | Scammers | Scamming | How To | Protect Yourself | Protect Your Card | Protect Your Details | Frugal Living | Protective Sleeve | Card Protection | On A Budget | Budget Answers | Skimming App
Don’t be caught out, this little addition could save you thousands!

Today’s post is a nice short one, but it’s probably the most important post you will read today! That’s if you want to learn how to keep your card details from being stolen from sneaky skimmers of course (which I’m sure is all of you!) i’m going to start with the bad news, but don’t worry, the good news does come if you keep reading to the end…

If you’re anything like me, then your bank cards are probably one of the most used items you possess! They take a hit anywhere and everywhere, it’s very rare these days to find a shop that doesn’t accept plastic as a form of payment. You can pay for everything from milk to a haircut with that little piece of plastic! It’s amazing isn’t it. And contactless cards have made it even easier for us to flitter away our cash.


Think your bank cards are safe in your wallet? Think again. #cardskimming #protectyourself Click To Tweet


It’s easier than you think for someone to get hold of your card details

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Top 5 Budgeting Apps

Need an app to track your spending? Here are my top 5 recommendations. Budgeting | Budgeting App | Top Apps | Frugal Living | Finances | Spending | Take Control | For Mums | For Families |
Start using one of these top budgeting apps today and see how much you could save.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know how big an advocate I am for tracking your spending. I’ve written about it here and even provided you with your own printable budgeting worksheets to get you started. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in numerous emails to you too. (If you don’t already get my emails then you can opt-in anytime using the form at the bottom of this post. That’ll also get you instant access to your budgeting worksheets too!)

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